Monday, August 31, 2009

Dad, Its 10 Sen

What is 10 sen to us? Many people would not be bother to think about it. In the supermarket, in the mall, in the cinema, restaurant or maybe at home, we always thinks that it would be a waste of time to think about 10 sen.

Many would say, what could we get we that small nickel? We are not living in the 60s or 50s where 10 sen can make difference. I remember when I was in primary school that was my school allowance. Yes, I am not kidding. With that money I would buy myself fried noodle. Drink is free as mom always make sure I bring my own.

Dad says, "not everyone can afford that 10 sen. Spend it wisely as I want you to grow wiser."

My friends said, those were the days when there were no KFC or McD. Time has changed and evolved. Maybe, but not necessary true. Not everyone will go to the fast food restaurant even in a big city like KL.

I use public transportation to office and going back to my place. I remember when a journey with a fully air-conditioned bus cost me a mere RM1.20. If I do not mind to take those without air-con it will cost only half of the fare. Again, it was more than 10 years ago. The value of our money has went down badly. A small packet of nasi lemak will cost you more than RM2 which is almost double if I compared with the same item when I first landed here.

Now, the difference between air-conditioned bus and non-air conditioned bus is only 1o sen. That is the fare from my place to the city centre and vice versa. So, I thought many would agree with me if I said that passengers would not mind to pay that extra 10 sen to get a ride on the air-conditioned bus. Even if you got to stand the whole journey it would not be that bad as it is still more comfortable if compared with bus without air-condition. That is what I thought until one day.

Time has just passed 7.30 in the morning and there was a long queue of passengers at the bus station. Then, the huge air-conditioned bus arrived and I thought its going to be very cramp if I go now. At almost the same time another bus arrived, but without air-condition and I could see it was already full. Logically, the earlier bus would be a preference to most people. But, that was not the case. The number of passengers went to the later bus were so many that I am sure none of them would find a seat. When I went in to the first bus there were still seat available and I just took my seat and still thinking does the 10 sen could make much difference in the year 2009?

Maybe, it does to some people or to some degree. It is very small and could be considered negligible to many if not all of us.

I think it is not that really true to say that 10 sen is nothing if we look again from different point of view.

There are approximately 27 millions inhabitants in this country called human. It was reported in the press that there were at least 11 million in the labour force at the end of 2008. If each and every one of them contribute 10 sen. Yes only 10 sen and not more than that, how much would be the total?

It is the amazing RM1,100,00.00! In short it is RM1.1 million.

Well, dad is always the best financial controller I have ever known. And the 10 sen story proved that.

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