Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smile, No Problem

I was waiting for the train when I saw the old man with broad smile singing happily. Almost everyone on the platform were smiling whenever the old man start singing.

He is one of many whom we called crazy or people with problem. These are the term that we usually use to call them. But I do not know whether we are using the right word to describe them. Are they really crazy? Do they have more problem than us, that we must call them such a name? After boarding into the train I still can see him smiling and maybe singing as I can hear the voice inside the train. But his smile really make me think deep. It look so sincere.

The world will be almost perfect if only everyone on this earth can smile like him. Was it very difficult to smile at someone whom we know? So who is the one with problem now? I doubt anyone would admit that he or she find it is very difficult to smile. Rather it is the heart which is not able to move the lip to smile. The intention is somehow there but the heart is the real boulder. I saw it in my office where people try to avoid eye to eye contact. Because to them that would be an excuse not to smile or at least to say simple hi.

It may me a small issue to many people when asked why is it so difficult to smile. But for me it is one of the basic thing in life which many have ignored...whether intentionally or unitentionally.

If only each and everyone in this world forget not to smile, there will be no problem, there will be no crazy people.

Everyone will be singing in their heart joyously and smile sincerely.

Mom said, it is not difficult to smile but it it not easy to smile with your heart smiling. Maybe she is right. People in the city do not have a smiling heart but a heart full of jealousy.

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