Sunday, July 26, 2009

She Loves Me... A Lot

People says that the youngest in any family will always be the one who will get most attention and cares. The mother especially will be more concern with their daily stuff. Whether their breakfast, lunch, dinner or to some extend their love life. We all know that when we want to talk something very personal mom is the better person to talk compare with our dad. But that is not always the case.

Last weekend was very busy and fully occupied. We were out for some serious shopping, not for a few hours but until the sun is gone. Meal, shopping, meal, rest, shopping and the list goes on with the word shopping continue to dominate the agenda of the day. After a short break in the house for a refreshing shower we were out again for dinner. It was a long and fine dinner. And for the first time after these years I was unable to finish my dinner. Not because the food is bad, but my stomach was totally full! No space for even a slice of watermelon. Maybe it has shrunk as a result of my two meal a day diet. Maybe..

The next day I received SMS from big brother - "why no call last night, mom was so worried".

Well, at that moment I didnt really think that it is necessary for me to call mom immediately. After all that was not the first time I didnt call her on Saturday night. Actually, that is one and only thing which I must do on every Saturday - call mom and dad either in the evening during their tea time or at 10 pm. Its a must. If I dont do then mom will feel very uncomfortable. True enough when I called her at night on Sunday she told me that she thought that I was sick and unable to call her. Mom...even if I sick I will still call you, but yesterday was very busy. Went home so late and I dont want to disturb you. And mom was more than satisfied with that. I am sorry mom.

Thinking of her always make me feel like the youngest in family, though I am the middle. But mom loves really make me feel that she never treated her children differently. All of us she treated equally, just like dad. Mom always says, "You all are my children, your dad and me are not rich. You must work for anything that you want. Be you are the eldest or the youngest." And that is how we all grew up. And we are very fortunate that mom is always there to listen our voice.

Sometimes, I just could not understand why many people are more concern of finding an old folk home for their parents instead of thinking how to make parents feeling comfortable staying with them. I remember one of my friend told me that it was not their plan to send their parent to the old folk home, but it was the elders choice. They want to be there because they want somebody to talk. They want to be there because the grandchildren making their life like in a 24 hours karaoke. Then I told my friend to find way how to make them feel better.

"Old people very difficult to talk lah. We got fed up already. Never mind lah, since they want to go there we will send them there."

I hope those who are reading this story will remember that mom never give up. Mom never fed-up. Mom never complain. Mom will do thing that she feels would make us smile and sleep soundly. And mom are just like us when its come to place to stay. To them it was, it is and will be - there is no better place like home. Home. Not An Old Folk Home. Because they want to be with us for a simple reason - mom loves us.

Love you mom..


  1. u caught me here. great piece.

  2. very touching *misty-eyed*
    wish i had that kinda relationship with my mom :p

  3. oi masih lagi pakai tu meja makan kedai cina kah??/ pigi la kedai perabot angkut yg baru hahaha