Thursday, July 9, 2009

You are not alone, share it

Yesterday the 2Ks commented in my FB that maybe I am going to write about food in Ipoh or maybe the white coffee in Ipoh Old Town. The one which now has become normal sight almost everywhere. Well gals, I am not going to write and talk about food today.

The dialogue session we had in Penang yesterday was very interesting. When we throw questions for their discussion we saw lot of arguments. Or shall I call it act of defend. There was one participant who seems to me always curious with answers from others. I can see it from her eyes. Its like he is saying," Cannot be waaat". But she never speak up.

So, every time I see her curious eyes I will ask her to speak up. To tell the other why she believe that she is right. Or perhaps not totally wrong. In all session that we had my approach is to conduct it in a very relax and not too formal. So, that every one will feel more comfortable to air their suggestion or idea. Of course their grievances as well, sometimes.

If we ask ourself and free our mind to think more open we will notice that most of us are not much different with this lady.

We always complain and share our problem with people who has nothing to do with what is playing in our mind. When we were asked to forward it to the relevant person or party what usually we do? "Never mind la... Small matter la.. or Not nice lah." But after that we will continue to complain.

It happened everywhere in our life, office, restaurant, night market and even at home.

We are not happy or satisfied but we keep it to ourselves. Or most of the time we spoil our friend day with it. What is so difficult to ask? We wont die. Nobody going to chop our head, our limb or our nose. No one. Look at the foreign citizen. They will not stop asking until they are satisfied. People do not know what do we have in our mind.

Our parents and siblings do not know what is bothering us, what is playing in our mind unless we speak up. Do not hide yourself and cry because you feel that they ignored you or you are not more than an addition in your family. Its your decision. Share it or hide it.


  1. It might sound as an old school but a lot of us are conditioned in such a way not to speak up or else you will be labeled....kurang ajar, rebellious. Sadly it continues as you grow older coz it's your comfort zone.

    I agree no one will harm you physically in the process of voicing out your disagreement esp constructive ones but I feel that there are certain things better left unsaid.