Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reward yourselves

After getting my MacBook last Saturday I thought I could start using it today after leaving it idle for the whole week. But life is not always as we wanted or expected. The machine refuse to start. So, I decided to send it to the service centre at the Garden Mid Valley thinking that I would be able to use it tonight or maybe the latest is tomorrow. Well...Jacky the technician told me that I have to leave it with him for one week as they need to get the replacement hard disk from Singapore. According to the sheet of paper which he gave me there are bad sector in the hard disk that prevented the machine from functioning.

Okay. That mean I got to use my Asus again during the absence of the Mac. Its not bad actually. I have been using it for the past 4 or five months I think and it was problem free.

The decision to buy the Mac was an impulse decision. I was thinking what should I get myself for my 40th birthday. I want it to be something which can remind me that it is something BIG to be 40. Then Des show me the leaflet from Machines. My eyes stuck on the MacBook Aluminium. The offer is so irresistible with a discount more than 1K with upgrade of 2GB RAM to 4GB RAM.

I always tell myself that one day I will be the proud owner of the MacBook. MacBook is my dream machine. But the price make it affordable only for the chosen one (like Mimi). But now with this price I must make my dream come true. I worked so hard to earn my living. I deserve a reward. As such I must reward myself because I know nobody is going to buy this machine for me. Then in the evening of 4th of July 2009 which is the eve of my 40th birthday I joined the Mac's Club. I am now the proud owner of Apple MacBook Aluminium.

Maybe I have to wait another week to collect the Mac but it does not matter at all because I know I have rewarded myself.

Most of the time we are very concern of rewarding our friends, siblings, parents, colleague or our staff. But sometime we forgot that we must reward ourselves too. I know some of my friend who are willing to spend a lot buying gift or present for others. But very stingy when buying thing for themselves.

Well, each and every one of us has the right to reward or not to reward ourselves. No one can stop us except maybe those with spouse, because I know some are very good in satisfying their spouse but not themselves.

For me, I work I earned I reward and I enjoy... Our life is short and this world is just a transit before leaving to a permanent place.

We are unhappy not because we did not get what we wants, but because we do not want to give ourselves what we want..

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  1. Lain kali jangan tau cakap saja... buktikan dengan gambar.
    Apa lagi? gunakan la skill mu yg hebatt konon jadi photographer tu.