Monday, July 20, 2009

We Are Special

This is going to be my first story with my MacBook. I didnt abandon my Asus actually. In fact I put it at a better place for a good purpose.

Initially, I thought of keeping both as MacOS is a new thing to me. I always feel that Windows is the best and easiest operating system on earth. Then Des told me that MacOS is more simple and user friendly. And it is a SPECIAL one. And that remind me to Mimi, my friend. She suggested to me to write something about being Special.

So, I browse my old Oxford Advance Learner's Dictionary looking for the definition of "Special". It is defined as with exceptional quality or different from others. I do not know how special is this machine but I know there are certain features which I cannot find in Windows based notebook or pc but I found it here in my Mac. It takes time to see the special value. Maybe I will be able to see it soon.

It is the same with us, human. There is one or maybe more than one in ourselves that make us Special. But we easterners, particularly Malaysians are very humble. Whenever the term Special referred to us, when our friend said," You have a special talent", or "You are special," we will always tell them this," No laa... I am no different from you. Nothing special about me." But deep in our heart we are very proud! So, why not just thanks them for calling us Special? After all we all are special and unique.

I have a female friend with a very low self esteem. She always feel that she is alone and lonely because she doesnt have anything special that may make her attractive. She does not have the feeling of being Special to the people around her. So, I told her that I am very choosy in friendship and only special person can call themselves my friend. She was a bit shocked and started to tell me all the negative things about herself. Then I ask her one simple question, "Dont you know that you are special because I choose you to be my friend? ". Sometimes, we do not know that we are Special until someone tell us that we are special, to him or her.

Many times we forgot that we are here in this world because we are Special. We are the chosen creatures. We are gifted.

But as I said earlier Malaysians are very humble. They love to put themselves as low as possible in the hierarchy of society. Why? Because that is how our parent raised us. That is how we grew up. The elderly will keep reminding us, proud is bad. Proud will bring you down one day. Nobody is special that we should feel proud.

Come on my friend. If we do not have the feeling of being special we are not going anywhere in our life. Not everyone can walk, run, sit, laugh or even cry.

Look at the food in your refrigerator or your wardrobe full of designers good which you cannot remember the last time you wore it because you got too many. Or your racks of shoes. Do you think that each and every one on this earth is as lucky as you are?

We are Special. Those who do not have what we ourselves have are also Special.

They are special because they know that they are special.


  1. We often forget that all God's creation are SPECIAL!

    Syukur Alhamdullilah....