Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Break It Or Built It

Today we left Alor Star early as it was half day dialogue session. I agreed to allot the second half of the day to another group who drove all the way from KL this morning. After a nice lunch of steam rice and ikan keli masak cili api, we left the state capital of Kedah just after 3.30 pm.

The journey to Pearl of the Orient brought us to one place in Butterworth called Taman Selat. Our friends took us to Pen Mutiara Restaurant. The place is a bit out from the main town. According to our friend the place is famous with curried fish head. I ordered Kopi Dangdut.

It looks and taste good. That was my first. And I would like to have it again next time when I come here. The eating did not take much time but the talking.

We left the mainland just after 8.30pm and reach Vistana Apartment around 9 I guess. The apartment is big with I master bedroom, one room with two bed, dedicated ironing room, spacious kitchen, living and of the big screen tv. But I was a bit disappointed cos no internet services. Luckily I have my wireless broadband.

After a warm shower we went out again as one of my team member wanted to buy toothpaste. So, we walk to the nearest convenience store but end up at the Pelita Nasi Kandar Restaurant. I like the teh halia here. Tick and not too sweet. Just nice. Then one of our friend ordered roti tisu. I tot it just a small roti tissue. But when the waiter came to bring the roti, it required 3 plates to place the roti. My goodness that was the longest roti tisu I have ever seen.

When I look at the people around us, I noticed that the customers are from various race; Indian, Chinese, Malay, Mat Salleh and a Kadazan. Myself lah. Different races but talking and eating happily inside the restaurant. I look at the workers. They are foreigners. But they are earning their living in our country happily.

We have various type of food to savior prepared by various races. We are living harmoniously without any problem. We are blessed!

Are we going to pass all these blessed gift to our next generation? Maybe, if everyone is thinking like the villagers or orang kampong. But there are too many educated citizen who are selling the harmony, peace and unity to satisfy their lust for money and self-satisfaction.

Mom said, “I want my children to be successful by doing right thing, and not by doing thing which they thought is right.” And I hope I am doing the right thing.

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